Because man cannot live on Arctic Monkeys alone, Alex gave us ‘Submarine’. And though it’s half the size of following LP, ‘Suck It And See’, it’s actually the most spell-binding record the man has ever released.

‘Stuck on the Puzzle’ is a Richard Hawley-esque song about a girl that Alex probably shouldn’t have fallen in love with. It’s what you’d imagine to be the first song on the “Love Songs” mixtape your pessimistic dad made for you – just as Oliver Tate was given in ‘Submarine’ – and the song’s not only deft in its poetry and sweet in its chord structure, it’s rooted in a small village that we could all imagine growing up in. And it’s the soundtrack to a love story we could all imagine living.

Mark White
Whatculture.com (via flynn-on-fire)



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